Review: My First Tarot Deck

Leading up to Christmas I asked J, my partner, for one specific item. For a few weeks I’d been searching the internet for a Tarot card deck that felt right for me. After speaking to a few pagans I knew and trusted, I decided to not settle on just any deck, but to wait until I came across one that “called to me”. And it took me a while to find “the one”. There were many that were beautiful and I definitely liked them, but I still didn’t yet feel the kind of tug I needed to commit to my first deck.

I turned to Etsy and finally my eyes settled on a deck that not only matched my personal artistic interests and style, but also had a design and intent that immediately resonated with me. That deck is the Wanderer’s Tarot by author Casey Zabala. Zabala has two decades of tarot experience so she crafted this deck and the accompanying guide book with love, using her own original artwork to convey each message.

The deck comes in matte black and matte white. It has a sturdy box to keep the cards together and it also comes with a foldable poster with basic information about the deck on both sides. The quality of the deck box and the cards themselves is really impressive. They feel amazing in my hands. The matte texture and rounded edges feel very comfortable and welcoming.

As mentioned, I adore the artwork. Zabala’s minimalist, folk art style is exactly what I personally enjoy. The art on each card expresses the message and intent without distracting with excessive details or colors. I appreciate their simplicity.

The Wanderer’s Tarot Guidebook is sold separately from the deck, but seeing as this was my first deck, I decided to purchase it as well. The Wanderer’s Tarot is an intentionally feminist tarot deck that emphasizes the Divine Feminine. Everything is geared toward connecting the person using the deck to this divinity and like everything else about this deck, it felt right for me.

Overall I am so extremely pleased with this deck and I am so glad it is my first. The moment I received it on Christmas morning I immediately brought it to my chest and felt instant peace and love. It feels like me, or rather, the me I want to be: focused on kindness, empathy, compassion, intuition, and love. These are the things I long to manifest more of in my life and in my interactions with others, and as such, this deck feels like the perfect companion for me to go on this journey with.

You can find the Wanderer’s Tarot on Etsy, Instagram, and their website. I definitely recommend checking Zabala’s work out.

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