Back To School

I teach art part-time during the school year. I have the great pleasure of introducing new ideas, techniques, and styles to hungry minds. Watching them work furiously on new projects thrills me. Even more exciting is when a child who is convinced they are not “into art” suddenly blossoms into an artist before my very eyes. It’s amazing what happens when you have someone in your corner who believes in you.

My mom was a teacher and I’ve had the honor of being friends with a few teachers. This job is not easy. I only do it for a few hours each week and even then it’s exhausting. Creating lesson plans, developing curriculum, purchasing supplies, and then actually teaching requires so, so much. It’s a remarkable and essential job.

Thank you, teachers, for all you do for the children of this world. Thank you for your sometimes thankless job. Thank you for doing it even when there isn’t enough money for the supplies you need. Thank you for showing up even though you really don’t get paid enough to do this job.

If you know a teacher, you know someone very special. Take some time out today to thank them for their tireless efforts.

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