Why I Stopped Taking Metformin & Why I Don’t Trust Doctors

I was prescribed Metformin for treatment of my PCOS about 6 years ago. I tried really hard to take it, but it made me violently ill. I never made it to the full dose because I could never get passed the half dose. My doctor kept telling me eventually it would get better. But a year went by and it never did. Every day like clockwork I’d have painful diarrhea that on more than once occasion caused me to dehydrate and caused hemorrhoids.

During this time I struggled with my mental health as well. My marriage suffered because of my anxiety and depression, suddenly on an upswing. I blamed it on my lack of body confidence and my constant diarrhea and stomach upset. I spent the bulk of each day for a year straight crying, in bed, contemplating self-harm.

I got sick of it, so I went off the Metformin. I just didn’t want to have diarrhea for hours every day anymore.

And then I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 two years ago. And a brand new prescription for Metformin was assigned to me. So, I started it all up again, this time determined to force my body to adjust to the Metformin.

I tried again for a year. I almost got a divorce. My house fell into disrepair. My abilities as a parent dwindled. My friend group crumbled. And I was still sitting on my toilet, crying because of the pain, shooting straight up acid out of my anus…all because of Metformin.

I finally stopped because I was at the point where I literally didn’t care anymore. I couldn’t leave the house because I had to be near a toilet at all times. Couldn’t go out with friends, go grocery shopping, go on trips, ect. I was imprisoned by my depression and diarrhea. So, I stopped taking the Metformin.

And within a month my symptoms were gone. The diarrhea ceased and my depression symptoms all but went away. And then I did what I WISH doctors who prescribe these meds would do from the beginning:

I researched the side effects of Metformin, even the less common ones. And sure enough, depression (check), anxiety (check), headaches/migraines (check), and a plethora of other symptoms I’d been experiencing for years were right there. And for years not a single doctor took my complaints of how I was feeling seriously.

“Less common” side effects of Metformin use.

If you have PCOS or Diabetes Type 2 and you begin experiencing these symptoms, ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF. Do your own research. And demand you be prescribed something else to manage your illnesses. There are other options but Metformin is ALWAYS the go-to.

I lost 4 years of my life to depression and diarrhea because of Metformin. I wish I’d known then what I know now.

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